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ODP Futures Planning

16 Aug 2013    ODP Futures Planning Releases Documents for Review and Feedback
7 Jun 2013    Refinement of Goals and Objectives
16 May 2013    Methods for Submitting Comments
9 Apr 2013    Extension of Time for Response
8 Apr 2013    ODP Futures Planning Website is Active

 Click here to link to the ODP Futures Planning Website. 

5 Apr 2013    Futures Extended Team

 Click here for a list of the persons selected as members of the ODP Futures Planning Extended Team.

4 Apr 2013    ODP Setting Up Futures Website
1 Apr 2013    Draft Long Range Goals Are Issued

On March 19 and March 20, the first meetings of the Futures Planning Extended Team were held.  A draft list of long range goals for the developmental disabilities service system was developed.  Your comments are requested by April 8, 2013.

Please click the title link for the complete announcement and the documents referenced above.

13 Mar 2013    The Extended Team is Selected
14 Feb 2013    ODP Announces Futures Planning Process

ODP has begun a "Futures Planning Process" and is seeking nominations (self or others) for the Extended Team.  The participants will be designing long-term goals based on shared values and beliefs, and identifying the action steps needed to acheive them.  Nominations are due February 15, 2013, and the first meetings have been scheduled for March 19 and 20.  Meetings will occur monthly through August.

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