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ANNOUNCEMENTS > ODP Issues Revised Forms for 5/26 Revenue Reconciliation Information

18 May 2009

ODP stated in their email:

Dear Provider,

On Friday, May 15, 2009, the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) sent a request to providers to submit information regarding their Fiscal Year 09-10 revenue targets. Included with that letter was an Excel file that providers were to use to submit the requested information. ODP has updated that file so that annualization calculations are made with a begin date of July 1 of the next fiscal year rather than June 30 of the current fiscal year. In addition, the provider override column on the Closed Programs tab was set to reference the FY 07-08 revenue rather than the annualized revenue amount.


Please use this new file (entitled SFY 0910 Revenue Reconciliation Form_REVISED_051809_ to Providers.xls, attached) to submit your Fiscal Year 09-10 revenue target information.

We apologize for any confusion and appreciate your response to this request.


Joe Church

Click here for revised forms.