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ANNOUNCEMENTS > More Info Requested for Waiver Cost Reports

31 Jan 2009

ODP and Mercer have issued additional requests for supplemental information.  If you are not receiving these announcements, AZTAC can forward them to you.


One request is regarding whether or not you would be able to provide census information, specifically regarding therapeutic leave days, for each resident in your waiver programs.  They have not asked for this information to be provided---just if you would be able to, if asked.  This response is requested by February 9.


Another request is additional information regarding reveneues that you reported on Schedule B in the waiver cost reports.  If you have received revenues from the County that are not reflected in the FY 07-08 cost report, they want you to resubmit your Schedule B.  Secondly, if the FY 07-08 reported revenues include revenues for services that will become fee for service in FY 09-10,  they are asking you to identify the amounts.   This information is requested by February 13.