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PA COVID-19 confirmed cases, numbers by county

ODP COVID-19 updates page

ODP ICF/ID instructions for mail during COVID19  Click here

ODP March 20 Powerpoint and recording:  Emergency Waiver Amendments (A brief summary of topics included is on the announcements page.)

My ODP website.  

Message from the Deputy Secretary of ODP regarding businesses that are life-sustaining.

Governor's March 19, 2020 Order for all Non Life Sustaining Businesses to Close on 3/19/20 and the list of businesses (revised March 20) incorporated into the Governor's order.   Similarly, the Secretary of Health's order.

List of COVID19 Blanket 1135 Waivers  Click here

Click here   for Preparation Checklist for LTC facilities 

ICF/ID Programs have avenue for additional funding to cover increased costs.  Click here.

March 23, 2020 CMS issues memorandum to ICF/IDs regarding prioritization of surveys. CMS Coronovirus page

March 30, 2020 CMS Guidance for Infection Control for ICF/ID and RTF programs Click here

CMS Guidance for Infection Control and Prevention of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Nursing Homes (Revised 3/13/20)  Click here.

CMS ICF/ID regulations regarding infection control Click here.

My ODP COVID-19 updates  Click here

  • 20-019 March 12 Operational Guidelines for ID services, updated 3/23/20
  • 20-022 March 16 State-wide closure of day programs
  • 20-023 March 17 ODP functions suspended for 14 days
  • 20-024 March 17 ODP releases provider tool (this is not applicable to ICF/ID)
  • 20-027 March 23 ODP COVID19 Operation Guidance
  • 20-029 Auto authorizations of Residential without day
  • 20-030 Provider ISP Tracking
  • 20-031 March 25 CPS Retainer payments
  • 20-032 March 30 Temporary Modifications for Adequate staffing
  • 20-034 Provisional Hiring for Older Adults
  • 20-038 April  4 Mitigation in Long Term Care Facilities
  • 20-039 Response to Provider Requests for Retainer Payment; ODP encourages other sources
  • 20-040 Residential Provider Checklist
  • 20-041 COVID-19 Provider Guidance on Reporting Cases of COVID19, updated 4/8/20
  • 20-043 COVID-19 Communication Toolkit
  • 20-044 COVID-19 Supports Coordinator Check-In for Well Being Tool
  • 20-047 COVID-19 Facilitating Personal  Relationships In Res Settings
  • 20-049 COVID-19 Reporting Cases of COVID-19   Also see 20-065 for additional clarification
  • 20-050 COVID-19 Requesting PPE for licensed facilities
  • 20-051 COVID-19 Available Behavioral Specialists
  • 20-052 COVID-19 obsolete--see 20-072 HCBS At a Glance Reopening  Guide by Phase
  • 20-054 COVID-19 Modifications for Medical Examinations for Residential Staff and Individuals
  • 20-056 COVID-19 Individual Transition Guide
  • 20-057 HRST modified guidance; screenings extended to December 31
  • 20-060 COVID-19 Resume Quality Assessment activities in Yellow Reopen phase
  • 20-061 COVID-19 New process for reporting COVID-19 for Provider Staff
  • 20-063 COVID-19 Reinstratement of SIS & PA Supplemental Assessments in Yellow/Green Phases
  • 20-066 COVID-19 Guidance for Visitation in Green Phase
  • 20-069 COVID-19 Cap exceptions for PFDS and Community Living Waivers
  • 20-070 COVID-19 CARES Act Funding for ODP Providers
  • 20-071 COVID-19 Provider Staff COVID-19 Web-based Tracking Forms 
  • 20-072 COVID-19 Reopening guide by phase   At A Glance   Guidance on Masks, Screening, and Handwashing


ODP March 13, 2020 COVID-19 Webinar Powerpoint Slide Deck and Recording

ODP March 17, 2020 COVID-19 CPS Powerpoint

1915(c) Home and Community Based Services Medicaid Waiver Appendix K instructions and Appendix K template, which allows states to request reprieve via amendments to the approved Waiver during an emergency.    On March 18, Kristin Ahrens confirmed that Appendix K was been submitted by Pennsylvania to CMS last week.

Pennsylvania Press Room Click here

PA DHS Press Room announcements  Click here.

Governor's Office Newsroom  Click here

World Health Organization Newsroom  Click here

List of PEMA County Emergency Management Offices for PPE 

PEMA form to request resources

The Governor's office is providing a library of outreach information including posters that  are free to use. Click here.