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Following are some of the primary regulations that are applicable to ID programs in Pennsylvania.  Check back periodically for additions or revisions. 



ICF/ID Participation Requirements:

55 Pa. Code, Chapter 6210


 ICF/ID Allowable Cost Reimbursement:

 55 PA Code Title 55 Chapter 6211


 Adult Training Facilities:

55 Pa. Code, Chapter 2380


Vocational Facilities:

55 Pa. Code Chapter 2390


General Provisions:

55 Pa. Code Chapter 1101

Conditions of Participation for Intermediate Care Facilities for the Intellctually Disabled : 

42 C.F.R Part 483 Subpart I


County Mental Health and Mental Retardation Fiscal Manual:

55 Pa. Code Chapter 4300


Room and Board Charges:

55 Pa. Code Chapter 6200


County ID Services:

55 Pa. Code Chapter 6201

55 Pa. Code Chapter 51  Note that the Chapter 51 regulations are being rewritten and will be renamed Chapter 6100 regulations.   Proposed regulations are anticipated to be promulgated in late 2018.

Pa. Code Chapter 6400  Community Homes for Individuals with Intellectual Disability


Intermediate Care Facilities for the Intellectually Disabled:

55 PA Code Chapter 6600



Office of Developmental Programs - Provider Qualification Rates



Allowable Cost Reimbursement for non-state Operated Intermediate Care Facilities