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160 S. Progress Avenue, Suite 1-A, Harrisburg, PA 17109
Phone: 717-671-4602 FAX: 717-671-4604

AZTAC (Arthur & Zeisloft Training and Consulting, Inc.) is a consulting firm for agencies serving those with developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, diagnoses of mental retardation, autism spectrum disorder, and other special needs.  Our primary goal is to maximize the allowable reimbursement for your programs so that you are able to provide quality services.  

AZTAC is excellent at number crunching, writing, cost monitoring, fiscal analysis, and paying attention to the details.  AZTAC provides a wide array of services, such as evaluation of fiscal issues; review and/or preparation of budgets, waiver requests, grant writing, appeal documentation and resolutions; ICF/ID cost reports; Community Waiver cost reports; attendance at Department meetings; training workshops; compilation of rate history; preparation of correspondence; detailed cost monitoring and analysis; opening new programs; county and state rate setting forms; conversion proposals, and much more.   

AZTAC tracks dozens of information bases from year to year for your organization, and we verify the accuracy of many documents and correspondence that you receive from the government administrators (i.e., rates, settlements, audits, verification forms, etc.).  All you need to do is fax or email those documents to us when you receive them, and we'll verify the details.  We have literally saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in this way.  Additionally, while AZTAC maintains your records through the years, we also serve as a primary off-site source for disaster recovery as probably required in your strategic plan. 

AZTAC provides the supplemental staffing that you need to get all of that paperwork done!  Our best services are provided on a continuum through the years, as we become an integral part of your team.  However, we also are able to provide temporary coverage, such as a vacancy or some other shortfall of resources that you might experience.  Your CFO and accounting managers are better able to manage and provide oversight to all of your programs while we tend to the minute, time-consuming details for you. 



AZTAC is an important liaison between you and the government agencies.  We also work with  your other contracted personnel, such as your legal counsel and independent auditors.  We are an email or phone call away for that regulation or form you need.  Through the performance of the many tasks that we do, we provide an excellent "check" against your own internal records and processes, often uncovering discrepancies before they cause serious problems. 

AZTAC provides training to suit your needs, whether it be training one new fiscal person in your office or training all of your program staff about how to support the fiscal office.  We provide one-on-one informal training or formal PowerPoint-type presentations for a roomful. 

Give us a call and we can discuss ways AZTAC can help meet your needs.  We help you attain adequate funding levels for your programs, navigate the plethora of rules, regulations, instructions, and information requests, achieve satisfactory appeal results, and more.   We follow the rules and go through proper channels. We will do what we are good at, while you focus on your agency's mission.  You have my personal commitment that we will do our best, because we really care.

Mary Anne Haschert, President