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Check Home Office Address
16 Apr 2009

DPW issued an alert to all providers to ensure that "home office" address information is current in PROMISe and up to date for all service locations.   ODP will be sending rate letters, advising providers of waiver services and SCO providers of the payment rates devel9oped in the prospective rate system.  The rate letters will be sent to each provider's "home office" address recorded in PROMISe.  ODP is asking that Providers confirm the home office address for each service location is current and up to date.

To confirm or update the current "home office" address, Providers need to go to the Provider Enrollment Automation Project (ePEAP) and make the necessary corrections before April 20, 2009.   The ePEAP can be accessed from the PROMISe Provider Main Page:


Please refer any questions to RA-ratesetting@state.pa.us