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ANNOUNCEMENTS > Revenue Reconciliation--response due May 26

15 May 2009

Late today, ODP issued a letter requesting information to be used for revenue reconciliation and "to ensure targets accurately reflect revenue changes that occurred after FY 2007-2008."  Attached to the letter is an excel workbook which must be completed.  This information will be used to project the FY 2007-2008 revenues (reported in the cost reports) to FY 2009-2010. 

ODP recently issued proposed FY 2009-2010 payment rates.  These are rates that you will use for billing the PROMISe system, but do not necessarily reflect your final payment.  Final payment will be in accordance with the revenue reconciliation policy and based on the reveneue targets.

ODP intends to issue revenue targets to providers in the second week of June.  Therefore, they are requesting that this information be provided by Tuesday, May 26, 2009.  (Please note May 25 is Memorial Day.) 

ODP states that they will contact you to reconcile differences between their calculations and yours. 

Completed worksheets should be submitted to ra-ratesetting@state.pa.us.

All of the documents are listed below, in case you did not receive the emails from ODP.


May 15 letter from Kevin Casey

Excel Workbook  (This link has been removed.  See May 18 announcement for revised forms.)

Services list with procedure codes