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Movement of Funds and Budget Modifications
18 May 2009

The Movement of Funds process is for agencies who have more than one ICF/MR.  Based on your cost projections for FY 08-09, you may submit a request for a "Movement of Funds."  This process allows you to move budgeted dollars from one or more homes to one or more homes, but the overall total across all homes does not change.  You may move up to 10% out of any home.  The revised funding levels do carry forward into the subsequent year's ratesetting basis.  This request must be postmarked by May 31st.


The Budget Modfification process is for any or all of your individual ICFs/MR, and is only necessary if you received approval for a waiver of the standard interim rate.   When a waiver is approved, 10% budgetary limitations are applied at time of audit.  Based on your cost projections for FY 08-09, you may request to move budgeted dollars among cost centers and objects of expenditure to avoid disallowances for exceeding the 10% limitations.   The total approved funding level does not change.   This request must be postmarked by June 30th.

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