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ANNOUNCEMENTS > Are your mid-point rates too high?

2 Jun 2009

As you know by now, many of you received mid-point rates for various procedure codes.  Mid-point rates were established for all procedure codes in four regions of the state.   Today, ODP issued the following announcement:

Dear Provider:

            Many providers who are a new provider, are providing a new service or have opened a new service location have been assigned a mid-point rate.
            Some providers have contacted ODP with concerns the mid-point rate was too high for their service organization and would create issues for P/FDS recipients.  The high rates would force a reduction in services for those people at the P/FDS cap.
            On order to assess this situation, ODP is requesting any provider assigned the mid-point rate that believes the rate is too high contact their regional ODP office with the following information:
                        Provider Name
                        MPI #
                        Procedure Codes
                        Rate Assigned by ODP
                        Reason This Rate Is Too High
                        Rate That You Think You Should Receive
            Thank you