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ANNOUNCEMENTS > ODP issues FY 10-11 Rates for Consolidated and PFDS Waiver Programs

23 May 2010


ODP has emailed proposed FY 2010-11 rate letters for Consolidated and PFDS Waiver Programs, which will be followed up with letters sent through the postal mail.  

These proposed FY 10-11 rates will be used for FY 10-11 billings until  final rates are later issued after the Governor's Budget is enacted.  Revenue reconciliation will be the final determination for your payment in FY 2010-11. The Department is currently reviewing the revenue reconciliation procedures and will notify you "shortly" of when revenue targets will be issued.

Very briefly, to calculate the rates, ODP used FY 08-09 cost report data, adjusted unit costs in some circumstances, applied zero percent for COLA increases for both FY 09-10 and FY 10-11, and applied a 4.73% RAF (Reduction Adjustment Factor).  

You should watch for this information to arrive and contact ODP if you do not receive the email or the mailed letter in the next few days.   You should verify the calculations of your rates immediately.  

Contact AZTAC if you need a copy of this letter, or need other assistance.

Copy of May 21, 2010 ODP letter, excluding provider-specific rates attachment.