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13 Jan 2011

ODP issued correspondence regarding Period 1 Revenue Reconciliation letters on December 17, 2010.   Providers were encouraged to work out discrepancies in the calculations with their ODP Fiscal Officers prior to January 7, 2011.   Period 1 Revenue Reconciliation letters are forthcoming.   You may appeal within 30/33 days of the date of that letter if you are in disagreement with the information contained therein.   

There will be two more revenue reconciliation periods in FY 10-11.   These periods will be cumulative; therefore, in some instances it may be possible to correct an error from Period 1 in the Period 2 or Period 3 reconciliation.  

It is important to stay in close touch with your ODP Fiscal Officer to be sure that you fully understand the content of these letters.  You are also welcome to contact Mary Anne Haschert at AZTAC for assistance.