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ANNOUNCEMENTS > FY 2011-12 Rates issued today

Community MR Programs
16 Jun 2011

 ODP is sending out the FY 2011-12 letters today.  Additionally, ODP issued Information Memo 074-11.  Both of these documents contain descriptions of the ratesetting methodology, most importantly noting the following:

  • Your actual rates must be obtained from HCSIS.  They are not attached to your letter.
  • The COLA is 0%
  • The RAF is -.71%
  • The RAF is applied to residential eligible but is not applied to residential ineligible.
  • The rates are "proposed."  The "final" rates will be issued sometime after the Governor's budget is signed and enacted.
  • A more detailed explanation regarding residential ineligible rates is forthcoming.
  • Questions for clarification regarding the calculation of your rates should be submitted to ra-ratesetting@state.pa.us.

AZTAC will analyze these letters and rate calculation in the upcoming days.