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22 Jun 2011

Today, ODP announced that they will rescind the atrocity that occurred last Thursday when they announced that non-residential services were being moved to the MA Fee Schedule.  Except for the SCs, ODP is rescinding the rates that were issued and will issue another announcement on Monday June 27.

Note that a notice is already scheduled to appear in the Pennsylvania Bulletin later this month.  This notice will be erroneous in that it is based on "past decisions."  A subsequent notice will be published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin with the revisions.

All we really know is that the fee-for-service rates that were issued to non-residential services are being rescinded.  The Alert does not say that the rates will be calculated based on the approved FY 2009-10 cost reports as we had expected.   So while this appears to be good news, we still do not know exactly what is going to happen next!