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ANNOUNCEMENTS > FY 2010-11 rates continue until further notice

28 Jun 2011


On June 16, many providers were shocked to see their FY 11-12 rates--if they were able to find them on HCSIS. Without warning, the Department moved non-residential servcies to fee-for-service, and the rates were ridiculously low. Ineligible rates were capped creating significant potential losses for many providers statewide.

On June 22, Deputy Secretary rescinded the rate letters and promised to issue new information on Monday June 27.

On June 27, ODP delayed issuing the new information supposedly due to news coming from the legislature regarding reinstatement of funding into the appropriations, leaving us hopeful.

Today, June 28, ODP issues the new information: All providers will continue to bill at the FY 10-11 rates until further notice. The Department needs more time!

This is a nightmare for providers who have suffered through this past year with inadequate rates and the delays of revenue reconciliation. The promise of better rates for July 1 of the new year now stripped away as the problems of the past fiscal year continue into the new year.

We truly hope that the Department issues reasonable rates, without further surprises, and does so quickly.