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21 Aug 2011

 ICF/MR MR46 Cost Reports must be postmarked by September 30, 2011.   There are no new forms or instructions this year.

Although ODP has not yet issued their annual letter regarding the submission of ICF/MR waiver requests, we do expect that they will be due October 31, 2011.  We also anticipate that ODP will again not issue an inflationary increase. 

The FY 2011-12 ICF/MR Assessments are expected to be issued very, very soon.   Forward these letters to AZTAC, and we will verify the calculations for you. 

There is an ICF/MR Quarterly Task Force Meeting scheduled for September 14, 2011. 

Larry Finck retired in June, 2011.

There are still a few straggling things that providers are waiting for such as review and approval of Movement of Funds, Budget modifications, and late-year waiver requests.   Josh Kauffman is working on these things and you should expect to hear something very soon.

Contact AZTAC as soon as possible if you would like AZTAC to prepare your MR46 cost reports and/or waiver requests.   We are preparing now!