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ANNOUNCEMENTS > FY 11-12 Rates and Rev Rec for Consolidated and PFDS Waiver Programs

FY 2011-2012 Rates
20 Sep 2011

Today, John Cox, ODP Interim CFO, provided the following information about FY 2010-2011 Revenue Reconciliation, FY 2011-12 ratesetting, and FY 2011-12 Revenue Reconciliation:

  • FY 2011-12 rates will be issued on November 15, 2011, and will be effective November 15, 2011.  They will not be retroactive to July 1, 2011.
  • Something will be coming out regarding FY 2010-11 Revenue Reconciliation very soon.
  • Providers will have the FY 2010-11 revenue targets prior to submission of the cost reports by November 3, 2011 (needed for completion of Schedule B.)
  • FY 2011-12 Revenue Reconciliation has not yet been requested to CMS, but Secretary Alexander has "made a commitment" to do so. 
  • The ratesetting methodology will be disclosed when the rates are issued.  Mr. Cox did not recognize the previous -.71 RAF nor if/what a new RAF will be.  He stated that total costs must be maintained within the appropriated amounts.  
  • He said that the ineligible rates will be established by the same methodology as the eligible rates--i.e., no caps.
  • The nonresidential programs will remain cost-report-based for FY 11-12, and he acknowledged that providers should have advance notice of any services being moved to fee-for-service when the comment was made to him that such notice should be at least a year in advance, prior to completion of the cost reports for those services.