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29 Nov 2011

ICF/MR cost report reviews are in progress, and some acceptance letters have been sent.   A "hot topic" in the cost report reviews has been day programs.  ODP is requesting the MPI# and service location number of the day programs for which you have reported expenses in FY 2010-11.   From that information, ODP is looking to see that the rate reported on your MR46 matches the rate approved from that day service provider.  If the rates do not match, they are asking for clarification and explanation.    (This subject will also be discussed at the forthcoming Task Force Meeting on December 14, 2011.)

It is important to work with ODP to provide revisions and additional information as necessary, so that your cost report is accepted.  When ODP provides questions or requests for additional information, they generally give you a "suspense date," but they are very willing to work with you if you need additional time.  You should do your best to complete this process, because the same staff will be moving on to review the ICF/MR waiver requests that were submitted in October.