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29 Nov 2011


The AE's have been issuing the desk reviews last week and this week for the Community MR cost reports. Most reviews should be issued by December 2. These documents are sent via email, and they are in excess of 100 pages. The issuance of the desk review requests correction, revisions, or explanations on various "procedures" as noted in the review, and generally requires resubmission of the cost report within seven days of the email.

It is our perception that most cost reports do not "pass" or "get approved" on the first round and most require additional information and/or resubmission.

While working on the response to the desk review and resubmission, we recommend that you work closely with your AE to give them everything they need to assure that your resubmission is successful. If the resubmission does not receive approval, your cost report will likely not be used for the FY 2012-13 ratesetting.