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17 Jan 2012

You should have received approval for your MR46 cost reports by now, and if you have not, you should contact ODP for the status.   This year, there were a lot of ODP inquiries regarding day programs reported on Schedule 12.   Refer to AZTAC's Task Force notes for further information regarding that issue.

Standard interim rates--for those providers that did not request waivers--should be issued any day now, if they have not been sent out already.   Please fax or email a copy of this ODP correspondence to AZTAC, so that we can update your files and maintain the rate history for your programs.

The review of waiver requests will begin any day now also, if it hasn't already.  AZTAC has not received any questions about waiver requests as of this date.   When ODP reviews a waiver request, they typically email some questions for additional information or clarification prior to finalizing their response.  With or without the question/answer, ODP will then issue a letter of rate correspondence.  It is important to fax or email this letter to AZTAC as soon as you receive it so that we can analyze the ODP approval/denial, verify calculations, prepare the revised budget, etc. 

Now is the time to send your six-month cost data to AZTAC for preparation of cost projections.  It is important to do this every month, as we wait for ODP response to waiver requests, and as we prepare for Movement of Funds requests and budget modifications later in the spring. 

Remember that ODP requires that unforeseen circumstance waiver requests must be submitted within 30 days.