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ANNOUNCEMENTS > DPW Publishes Draft Regulatory Changes

27 Feb 2012

DPW published Draft Regulations on February 27, 2012.  Following are four sections that are of particular interest.   (Refer to the DPW website for all regulatory changes or contact AZTAC for more information.)


Allowable Cost Reimbursement for non-state Operated Intermediate Care Facilities

These regulations are changes to the existing Chapter 6211. Note that only the revisions are included in this PDF file, and not the entirety of the regulations. As expected, DPW changed the deadline for the submission of waiver requests to October 31st and eliminiated the use of an inflationary increase in the ratesetting methodology. Disappointingly, DPW also included a new item in the ratesetting methodology to allow the Department to use a RAF (rate adjustment factor), similar to what has been applied the last two years to the Community MR. Most of the other changes are edits, such as removing "mental retardation."


Office of Developmental Programs - Provider Qualification Rates

These regulations for the Community MR programs are a brand new Chapter 51 and include much of what we have expected from the previous CR instructions, meetings wtih ODP, etc., but these 114 pages still require careful review by all providers. The turnaround time for comments is short!  



Long Term Living Home and Community Based-Services

These regulations are a new Chapter 52, applicable to providers rendering Ma-funded services under the Aging, Attendant Care, COMMCARE, Independence and OBRA Home and Community Based Service waivers and the Act 150 Program.  It includes private nursing facilities, but does not include ICF/ID or ICF/ORC.



Copayments for Medical Assistance Services

These regulations changes are in Chapter 1101, General Provisions--specifically regarding copayments in Section 1101.63.   While Chapter 1101 is generally applicable to all long term care facilties, including ICF/ID (formerly known as ICF/MR),  these changes further clarify that copayments are not applicable to ICF/ID.   Refer to the link above to review all changes.