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ANNOUNCEMENTS > ICF/ID programs: ODP publishes regulatory notice in PA Bulletin

14 Apr 2012

Allowable Cost Reimbursement for Non-State Intermediate Care Facilities for persons with Intellectual Disabilities

The Department of Public Welfare/ODP has published another notice of intent to promulgate regulations for the ICF/ID programs, specifically regarding Chapter 6211.  The primary differences between this notice and the previous notice (on February 2012) are as follows:


1. The allowance for a COLA.  This is not a guarantee for a COLA, just the Department may provide a COLA.

2. The Department has changed the fiscal impact and is saying that there are no savings, but rather, these regulation changes contain costs within appropriate amounts.


The regulatory changes still include:

1. The elimination of the inflationary increase in the rate setting process.

2. An allowance for the Department to include a RAF.