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3 Oct 2013

AZTAC is recommending that providers keep the postmarked envelopes in which they receive correspondence from the Office of Developmental progams, particularly relating to the ICF/ID programs.   

It has come to our attention over the last four to five months that many ODP rate correspondence letters are received one to two weeks after the date that is stamped on the letter.  We speculated that something has changed in either 1) ODP's process regarding when the letters are dated and when they get sent to the mailroom or 2) the DPW mailroom's process on sending out the mail.   When AZTAC inquired, ODP suggested that it was probably the USPS.  AZTAC also requested that electronic copies be mailed to the provider or AZTAC on the day that they are "put in the mail bin," but a reply was not given.

This is a major concern, because you have 30-day deadlines based on the date of the letter, such as revised budget submissions, Movement of Funds, Budget Modification request, and appeals.  

Please save the postmarked envelope in which your correspondence arrives and perhaps staple it to your document.  When you send the pdf file to AZTAC, please include a copy of the postmarked envelope.    

If you receive correspondence that is "outdated," I suggest that you send an email to the ODP staff person who signed your letter and let them know there seems to be a problem.