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ANNOUNCEMENTS > FY 2013-2014 ICF/ID Assessments

11 Jun 2014


Each year, ICF/ID assessments are issued to ICF/ID providers.  The assessment amount is included in a revised funding level and interim rate.  The funds are supposed to be included in the approved funding level and interim rate so that the provider can bill and be reimbursed for services July through September, prior to the first quarterly payment due date of October 25th.   

For FY 2013-2014, ODP issued most of these “assessment letters” on or about October 15, 2013 as compared to previous years when they were issued in July or August.   After the issuance of the ODP assessment correspondence, providers should have received corresponding OLTL rate letters, which are an indication that the rate is entered into the PROMISe system.   (Whenever OLTL letters are issued, they frequently initiate a rate adjustment retroactive to the respective effective date, but they are also an indication of the new rate that the provider may bill.) 

It has come to our attention that ICF/ID providers are just now receiving the OLTL letters that should have been issued several months ago.  These OLTL rate letters are effective July 1, 2013, and might be easily confused with FY 2013-14 rate setting.   If you have not yet received ODP rate correspondence for FY 2013-14, then the OLTL letters might correspond to the letters from last October 15th.

Keep in mind that “assessment rates,” although effective July 1, 2013, are really still your FY 2012-13 rates---only changed to update the assessment.   When you receive FY 2013-14 ODP ratesetting correspondence (and many have not come out yet), it will override the assessment rates, retroactive to July 1, 2013.

Anytime, send an email to mahaschert@aztacinc.com  with your ODP correspondence, OLTL rate letters, BFO correspondence, etc., and AZTAC will be able to figure out what it means for you.