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ANNOUNCEMENTS > Consolidated and PFDS Cost Reports

15 Dec 2014

The Consolidated and PFDS cost reports were due October 30, 2014, which was then followed your applicable AE desk reviews.   If your desk review required a resubmission of the cost report, your AE gave you a deadline, but regardless, all resubmissions had to be completed by December 11, 2014.     

When the AE passes your cost report--either the original or a resubmission--they forward their recommendation to the state level for final review/approval.  It is usually the Regional Fiscal Officer that issues the approval memorandum.

At this point in time, you should at least know fit he AE passed your cost report.  You can contact your AE (email is on the desk review document) or you can log in to the odpconsulting.net website, and check the status of your submission.   It should say pending desk review, passed desk review, or failed desk review. 

Be sure that you receive a copy of the approval memo from your Regional Fiscal Officer.   These may not have been issued as of this date, but if you don't receive one in the next couple weeks, you should contact your fiscal officer for the status.   You should always have an approval memo on file with your cost report for furture reference.

Contact mahaschert@aztacinc.com if you have any questions.