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ANNOUNCEMENTS > ODP signs Chapter 51 Amended Agreement

26 Feb 2015

Today, ODP signed an amendment to the Chapter 51 agreement that was signed October 28, 2014.   The primary issues of the October agreement were regarding the vacancy factor, the vacancy exception request process, calculation of unit cost,  retention factor, and some protection from a negative RAF,  in addition to laying the groundwork for continuing work on other issues up to and including revision of the Chapter 51 regulations.  

The primary points of the amendment signed today are revisions for the vacancy factor exception process.  

  • The earlier agreement specified a deadline of February 28, 2015 for submitting the request for exception; the amendment revises that deadline to April 15, 2015.
  • The earlier agreement provided that an exception could be requested based on calculations per Wcode (as opposed to an agency's total occupancy percentage across all programs).   The amendment revises this to two aggregate groupings of Wcodes. 
  • If the percentage of either grouping is below 97% you will be eligible to submit a request. 
  • ODP will provide a training, probably in March, on how to submit an exception request; a "description" of the calculation is included in the amendment.
  • AZTAC strongly encourages you to start gathering all utilization information from HCSIS and PROMISe, including authorized units, billed units, medical leave days, therapeutic leave days, respite days, transitional days, and vacant days so that you are prepared for the training and submission of a request.