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Chapter 51 Agreement
16 Apr 2015

 In October 2014, provider associations representing all providers of Consolidated and PFDS services reached an agreement with the Department to halt litigation against the Department and to reach resolution on a few key issues, such as the vacancy factor, the vacancy factor exception process, application of RAF, calculation of cost report unit cost, retention factor, and rewriting the Chapter 51 regulations.  

In February 2015, the provider associations, on the behalf of all providers, signed an addendum to the October agreement.

The deadline to submit requests for a FY 2013-2014 vacancy factor exception is April 30, 2015.

All providers who wish to "participate" in the agreement in any way must sign a Provider Agreement Addendum, which waives certain rights of appeal through June 2017.

Deputy Secretary Suroviec issued a letter today, along with the Provider Agreement Addendum.    If participating, the addendum must be signed and submitted by May 4, 2015. 

Click here for Deputy Secretary Suroviec's 4/16/15 letter.

Click here for the Provider Agreement Addendum .

Click here for the 10/28/14 Chapter 51 Agreement and the 2/26/15 Chapter 51 Agreeement Addendum