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ANNOUNCEMENTS > ICF/ID FY 15-16 Ratesetting

30 Jun 2017

As ICF/ID providers are well aware, FY 2015-2016 rate setting has been long delayed.  ODP has now announced that they will be issuing FY 2015-2016 rate setting to all providers, in which the funding level will be equal to the FY 2015-2016 MR46 reported costs.  This is what we first requested when several providers met with ODP staff back in January at a PAR ICF/ID roundtable.  This is win-win for most everyone.   Providers will have costs fully covered (except for where costs may have been capped in the cost report) and ODP will be able to move forward from a new basis beginning with the FY 2015-16 cost report.  Kudos to ODP staff for addressing the backlog in a fair and equitable manner, albeit long overdue.

Additionally, note that the interim rates will be calculated using the actual census days reported in the MR46 cost report.  Please contact AZTAC if you need assistance in analyzing the fiscal impact that will occur when these rates are entered into PROMISe.