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31 May 2018

On or about May 31, 2018, ODP sent out several emails to ICF/ID providers who had submitted requests for waiver of the standard interim rate for wage increases and associated benefits.   Following up on a commitment that was made at the February 28, 2018 ICF/ID Task Force Meeting, ODP reviewed many of these waiver requests and issued pre-approvals.   Following is the message that was provided:

At the February 28th ICF/ID Taskforce meeting several ICF/ID providers had inquired about the status of 2017-2018 waivers for increase in wages for direct care workers.  Providers mentioned that they could provide the wage increase now if they had assurance that ODP would approve the 2017-2018 waivers at a future date. Therefore, we have went ahead and reviewed those 2017-2018 waivers for wage increases only. This email is notification that we will approve your waiver for increased wages (and benefits) for your ICF/ID’s as shown below.

ODP will not be issuing the approved funding level and the increased per diem rate at this time. We expect that the 2017-2018 approvals and per diem rates will be finalized by September 30, 2018.

If you have any questions please contact Steve Evitts at sevitts@pa.gov.

Not all providers received a response to their FY 2017-2018 requests for wage increases.   ODP explained that if a provider had increases in the previous year, they will review the subsequent increase later along with the other waiver submissions.