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ANNOUNCEMENTS > ODP issues revised ID46 Cost Report Forms

7 Aug 2018

On August 6th issued a revised Cost Report forms and Instructions which are to be used for the completion of the Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Cost Reports.

If you have not received the new forms and instructions you should send a request to ODP.

A few of the highlights are:

  • The form name has been changed from MR-46 to ID-46.
  • The prior year approved funding columns have been removed from Schedule 11.
  • Schedule 1B has been eliminated.
  • Schedule 13 reporting requirements for leases have been eliminated for leases under $5,000

The only items which will require reporting of new data elements are:

  • Accumulated Depreciation roll forward information (should be readily available from your Plant Ledger)
  • Cost of Day Program services obtained from a Related Organization (not a new issue, simply a standardized place to calculate any necessary adjustments)

All Cost Report Preparers and CFO’s are encouraged to read the 2-page ‘2018 Changes to ICF Cost Report.pdf’ attachment for a complete list of the change highlights.

Contact mahaschert@aztacinc.com if you have questions or need further information.