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ANNOUNCEMENTS > Second replacement ID46 Cost Report Forms issued August 10, 2018

10 Aug 2018

On Friday, August 10th, ODP  issued updated Cost Report excel files as replacements to the August 6, 2018 revised ID-46 Form.  The new form is named:   ID-46 Form rev.08_2018.1.xlsx  Please note that this second revision now has an ending of .1 in the file name.
A formula error was noted on the originally issued Schedule 6 page, thus a second corrected revision was issued.
ODP encourages all preparers to read the 2-page ‘2018 Changes to ICF Cost Report.pdf’ attachment for a complete list of the change highlights.  Also provided by ODP is the ID-46 Instructions rev 08.18.pdf’ attachment containing the complete preparation and filing instructions.  While this document is lengthy (38 pages), it should prove to be a good resource for your preparation. 
Contact ODP if you have not received the new revised forms of August 10th, 2018.
Contact mahaschert@aztacinc.com if you have further questions.