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ANNOUNCEMENTS > ICF/ID FY 18-19 Assessments

26 Sep 2018

ODP recently issued FY 2018-2019 assessment letters dated on or about September 26, 2018.  


Note that this is a revision of your latest approved funding level for the purpose of removing the FY 2017-2018 assessment and adding in the FY 2018-19 assessment.   It is NOT your FY 2018-2019 funding level, and in many instances, it is not your FY 2017-18 funding level either.  It is simply a switch of annual assessment amounts.  You should verify the calculation, and you should use this information to verify each of the reports/bills that you pay throughout the fiscal year.


Assessments are paid quarterly for the three first quarters of the fiscal year, and then, in the last quarter, your payments are due monthly.  You should never pay more, or less, than the assigned assessment amount, and this exact amount should be the number that ends up on your general ledger at the end of the fiscal year when you prepare your cost report.  


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