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ANNOUNCEMENTS > ODP COVID-19 Emergency Waiver Updates

20 Mar 2020

Kristin Ahrens, Deputy Secretary for ODP, presented updates on March 20 regarding the Emergency Waiver Amendments.  ODP submitted and received approval of its request to CMS via the Appendix K requests for emergency amendments.   The amendments are approved for a full year.  

You are encouraged to view the entire Powerpoint and listen to the recording for complete information, and be watchful for much more information coming out soon.  

Regardless of what you encounter or do during this crisis, you are encouraged to maintain clear documentation and records of all activities.

Topics covered in the presentation include, and are not limited to, the following:

  • ODP home and community based services and ICF/ID provider are indeed life-sustaining, and therefore, exempt from the Governor's directive and orders to close businesses that are not life sustaining.
  • Several ODP functions are suspended, such as SIS assessments, annual licensing, IMF4Q intereviews, etc .
  • ODP's primary focus is the health and safety of the individuals served.  
  • ODPS approach is to slow the spread of the virus, redeploy staff where needed most, and provide for the longterm stability of the community system.
  • Supports coordination should occur over the phone
  • Some individual rights may be need to be suspended
  • Full ISP's are not being implemented; staffing ratios may be waived
  • Flexibility to move staff around where needed most
  • PFDS caps are removed
  • Prudent Pay is waived for all ID/A and AAW services, meaning quicker cash flow
  • Retainer payments to CPS providers will be up to 75% of previous average billing
  • Residential providers will receive enhanced rates
  • Virtual office hours will be posted, according to topic such as licensing, billing, CPS, and so forth
  • Much information will be coming out during the week of March 23