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24 Mar 2020

To:  ICF/ID Chief Financial Officers and Personnel responsible for Budgets, Cost Reports & Waiver requests


To help limit the spread of COVID-19, the Office of Developmental Programs staff are working from home.  As such, there is no one presently in our physical office to sign for packages or view/scan documents received. 


We are accessible via email.  Therefore if you have something you wish to mail to the ICF unit of ODP, please send it electronically instead.  Scanned documents may be sent to us using the following email addresses.  Since we have had some VPN overload issues, please send it to both of us to ensure it is seen timely.  We will share with Steve as needed.

Pam Gilbert            c-PGilbert@pa.gov

Barb Bachman       c-BBachman@pa.gov


We are all learning to work a little differently during this trying time.  We hope all of you are limiting your exposure, washing your hands frequently, and staying healthy as well.




Pamela S. Gilbert | Fiscal Manager

PA Department of Human Services | Office of Developmental Programs

Bureau of Financial Management and Program Support

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