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ANNOUNCEMENTS > ICF/ID FY 18-19 tentative cost settlements

31 Dec 2021

ODP is currently issuing FY 2018-19 tentative costs settlements to the ICF/ID providers.    Please review these settlements carefully and/or have the AZTAC team review them for you.   Tentative cost settlements are based on your submitted cost report, compared to your approved funding, compared to what you have received via the PROMISe billings and patient income.  

When you owe the Commonwealth money in a tentative cost settlement, you will need to pay 100% of the amount owed, and it can be processed via PROMISe, offsetting your forthcoming invoicing.    When the Commonwealth owes you money in a tentative cost settlement, they will pay you 80% of the amount, withholding the other 20% until the final cost settlement.   

Contact mahaschert@aztacinc.com if you need assistance or further information.