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29 Apr 2022

In accordance with the ICF/ID regulations, Requests for Movement of Funds are due by May 31.  However, for many years, ODP has also granted 30 days from the date of the latest rate setting letter or May 31, whichever is later.   Recently, ODP has stated recently that the FY 2021-22 Movement of Funds requests will be due by May 31 (also indicating that all rate setting letters will have been issued by early to mid May).   

The best way to prepare for a Movement of Funds request is to prepare cost projections, then compare to your estimated or approved funding levels.   While deciding on how to do Movement of Funds, you also need to be careful of the budgetary line item limitations.

Contact mahaschert@aztacinc.com if you need assistance with cost projections and/or a Request for Movement of Funds.