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Comments are due April 11, 2008
31 Mar 2008

Today, Kevin Casey issued the draft cost report and instructions for Waiver and base funded services for those services which are common to both the Waiver and base programs.  The submission of these cost reports is part of the implementation of the PPS (Prospective Payment System).  DPW anticipates that the reconcilation process (currently carried out by the AE's, will eventually be eliminated) once the PPS is fully implemented.  

The first cost reports will be due in the Fall of 2008.

These forms are not necessary for services that are specific only to base funding (i.e., Family Aide).   
These forms are not applicable to the ICF/MR.   

The cost report and the instructions are lengthy, so it is suggested that you look at these forms soon.  PDF files are available here.  If you did not receive the Cost Report in the Microsoft Excel format from the List Serve, contact AZTAC, and we will email it to you.

Kevin Casey March 31, 2008 correspondence

Draft Cost Report

Cost Report Instructions

Cost Report Services Crosswalk

Estelle Richman March 20, 2008 correspondence

ODP is asking providers to provide comments to ra-ratesetting@state.pa.us no later than Friday, April 11, 2008, using the subject line "Cost Report Comments."   AZTAC will appreciate a copy of the comments that you submit.  Alternatively, AZTAC will be happy to incorporate your comments into our own summary response.  Email comments to maarthur@aztacinc.com no later than April 10.