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Issues to be Concerned About!
2 Apr 2008

An ICF/MR Task Force Meeting was held today and there was a lot of news!  I hope to have my AZTAC notes available for you very soon,  but wanted to give you a "heads' up" about the critical issues:

  • ODP announced that the deadline of submission of FY 2009-2010 waiver requests will be March 1, 2009, as per the ICF/MR regulations.    The deadline for the submission of FY 2008-2009 waiver requests remains October 31 , 2008. 
  • Implementation of "Prudent Pay" will be postponed from April 1, 2008 to May 1, 2008.   Additionally, guidelines will be issued regarding an exception process.
  • The ICF/MR Assessment procedures will be changing in upcoming months, whereby the payments will have to be paid earlier, meaning that you will not have received all of the money (via its inclusion in your interim rates) prior to making the payment. 
  • Considerable discussion occurred regarding eligibility of residents in ICFs/MR, when an individual is deemed ineligible based on failure to meet the active treatment requirements, when billing for that individual must stop, and the appeal process. 

I have much more detail to report on the above items, as well as several other items on today's agenda, and will be issuing notes as soon as possible.     Also, Kathy Deans has asked for input regarding the above issues, and I will be glad to incorporate your comments into my response.

Watch for more information soon!