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ICF/ID TaskForce

Beginning in the 1980's, ODP (formerly OMR) conducted quarterly ICF/ID Task Force meetings, in which providers would come from across the state to receive and share information, and to work on issues.  It was the early years of the task force that significantly contributed to the ICF/ID regulations.  

In early 2013, the ICF/ID Task Force meetings were suspended for a few years. In the last few years, it was not unusual for at least one of the quarterly meetings to be canceled each year.  Recently, ODP has announced that they will have two task force meetings in 2020, and additional ad hoc meetings will be scheduled if needed.

The 2020 ICF/ID Task Force meetings are scheduled for:

April 8, 2020

August 26, 2020

It is further noted that representatives from the PAR ICF/ID Workgroup met with ODP staff requesting that certain issues be addressed, in particular, the backlog of rate setting, backlog of cost settlement, and streamlining the cost report and rate setting processes.    It was determined that another workgroup should not be established, but rather, a portion of the ICF/ID Task Force meetings could be utilized for these purposes.